CyberPunk SUX?!#$%#^

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Type: meetup
Date: 2022-11-06
Location: KAPiTAL

### Recap

Our first event went well enough to consider it some value of success. 
Some people  who were not directly invited and even a total stranger showed up.
The later human heard of it via the following discussion group:

- Anti Tech Bro Tech Bro Club

The ATBTBC seems to share some our sentiments about current tech landscape. 
People specifically liked the following aspects of our event format:

- General purpose tech subculture vs. traditional single topic (Android, Matrix, Bitcoin, etc...)
- Not an evening drinking oriented event

Verdict: people asked to do another event

### Content

- Learn: Setup Raspberry Pi 4 connected to a TV to watch film
- Film: Hackers, 1995
- History: discussed film and how it weathered the test of time

### Notes

Getting audio and video to play from Linux on any screen is always an
entertaining bit of performance art / theater. After an hour tinkering and
debugging we proceeded with the follow defects in our setup:

1. Use of external speaker (as opposed to HDMI) audio due to what seemed to be
a faulty HDMI-micro adapter which doe not pass audio to HDMI.

2. About 2% of Pi screen being chopped off due to ignoring of overscan settings

A few suggestions we did not try


We only tried up to `24` pixels, perhaps a higher number would have worked.


Perhaps using `xrandr` might have done something

xrandr --output HDMI-1 --size 1280x720 --panning 1280x720 --transform 1.064,0,-48,0,1.07,-28,0,0,1

If the event continues and moves between venues perhaps a ready assembled Pi
with multitude of connectors would be best idea.

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